Quzhou Research Institute Of Zhejiang University

Coordinates: Quzhou, Zhejiang
Construction Year: 2021
Construction Volume: Laboratory Area 42,000㎡

Suzhou Center For Disease Control And Prevention

Coordinates: Suzhou, Jiangsu
Construction Year: 2022
Construction Volume: laboratory Area 18,000㎡
Total Area: 78,058㎡

China Grand Canal Museum

Coordinates: Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Construction Year: 2021
Construction Volume: Total Area 79,373.59㎡
Museum Area: 74,438.32㎡
Universiade Tower Area: 4,935.27㎡
Laboratory Area: 1,250㎡

Korea CJ Research Institute

Coordinates: Seoul, South Korea
Construction Volume: Building Area 114,000㎡
Laboratory Area: 65,000㎡
Construction Year: 2016

Our Case

DAXPRO serves 20+ industries, 1500+ customers, 4500+ industry solutions, 2200+ completed labs, and operates in 5 countries.
The business involves: university research, disease control and public health, food and drug inspection, public security, biomedicine, public health care, environment, petroleum, chemical industry, military industry, new energy, semiconductor, cultural relics conservation and other fields.