Quzhou Research Institute Of Zhejiang University

Coordinates: Quzhou, Zhejiang
Construction Year: 2021
Construction Volume: Laboratory Area 42,000㎡

Suzhou Center For Disease Control And Prevention

Coordinates: Suzhou, Jiangsu
Construction Year: 2022
Construction Volume: laboratory Area 18,000㎡
Total Area: 78,058㎡

China Grand Canal Museum

Coordinates: Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Construction Year: 2021
Construction Volume: Total Area 79,373.59㎡
Museum Area: 74,438.32㎡
Universiade Tower Area: 4,935.27㎡
Laboratory Area: 1,250㎡

Korea CJ Research Institute

Coordinates: Seoul, South Korea
Construction Volume: Building Area 114,000㎡
Laboratory Area: 65,000㎡
Construction Year: 2016

Sichuan Public Security Bureau

Coordinates: Chengdu, Sichuan
Construction Year: 2023-2024
Construction volume and content: The total construction area of this project is 22202.42㎡. The building base area of this project is 4485.35㎡, and the land area is 20000.03㎡
Its building scale: business technology room, 4 floors above ground, building height 23.8m, building area 17057.99 ㎡; guard room, 1 floor above ground, building height 4.6m, building area 36 ㎡; basement, 1 floor underground, building height 6m, Construction area 5108.43 ㎡
This preliminary design includes business technical rooms, guard room, basement

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Luqiao Public Security Bureau

Project Name: Luqiao District Public Security Criminal Science and Technology Laboratory Project
Coordinates: Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
Construction year: 2023 (under construction)
Construction volume: The project area is 1060㎡, with one basement floor and 7 floors above ground.
Service content: laboratory decoration, electrical system, water supply and drainage system, gas supply system, HVAC system, intelligent system, hazardous chemical management

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Physical Evidence Identification Center Of A Municipality Directly Under The Central Government

Coordinates: a municipality
Construction year: 2022
Construction volume: the base area is 33667m2, the total construction area is 78058m2, of which the total construction area of the laboratory is 15000m2, and the cost of the laboratory is 136 million yuan

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Taizhou Public Security Bureau

Coordinates: Taizhou, Zhejiang
Construction year: 2023

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