DAXPRO tTells You The Matters Needing Attention In The Laboratory Engineering Design Plan

      As a necessary part of laboratory construction, the laboratory engineering design plan is different from the engineering design of ordinary buildings? In fact, the laboratory project mainly includes the decoration of the laboratory, the design of the water supply and drainage system, the design of the electrical system, the design of the ventilation and exhaust system, the design of the air supply system, the design of the pure water system, the design of the clean system, and the design of experimental furniture. The system engineering has the characteristics of strong professional technology, high degree of mutual connection, and great difficulty in cross-construction.

      We take the medical inspection and testing laboratory as an example to deeply understand the basic process of laboratory engineering. Laboratory laboratories are clinical medical laboratory laboratories, whose main work is to provide accurate and scientific test basis for clinical diagnosis, tracking curative effect and estimating prognosis for various diseases from biochemistry, cytology, hematology, immunology, etc. Because of the complexity of the functional areas, the internal space design of the laboratory must be reasonable, otherwise it will affect the work process and work efficiency. The basic principle is to reduce unreasonable factors and design a beautiful, generous, safe and effective laboratory. At the same time, the layout of each system should be reasonable. A reasonable layout of the system is the premise of laboratory safety and test results.


      In terms of the internal space layout of the laboratory, the contaminated area, the semi-contaminated area and the clean area should be clearly distinguished. The contaminated area also includes three links before, during and after the analysis. Each link needs a processing space to prevent new contamination. pollution. In terms of decoration, it is also different from ordinary tooling. In terms of design, material selection and construction, waterproof, anti-skid, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, anti-vibration and other requirements should be considered. Construction is required.

      At the same time, the decoration of the laboratory is connected with each sub-project, and the ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, electrical, fire protection, pure water, cleaning and gas supply of the laboratory must be professionally arranged and coordinated to prevent building congestion , Dislocation, reasonable design, construction and management, make complex projects orderly. But if you want to take care of many precautions, ensure the normal progress of the laboratory design project, and find professional company personnel to design, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the construction.


      Through the accumulation of 15 years of project experience, DAXPRO provides professional engineering design services for various laboratories. It has an exclusive R&D team, a strong consulting team and technical support to provide customers with good services and meet their different needs. Take the Suzhou Drug Inspection and Testing Research Center project as an example. The research center not only provides technical inspection services to ensure the quality of drugs, but also includes the collection, arrangement and analysis of data on drugs, drug packaging materials, health food, cosmetics and drug abuse adverse reactions. and other items.


      In the design of this project, DAXPRO not only considered the reasonable layout of the space level, but also planned 8 inspection departments and 8 administrative business management departments to meet the all-round work needs of the laboratory, and to ensure the comfort and safety of the experimental environment It adopts the new air, air supply and exhaust linkage control concept, with 6 to 10 air changes per hour, and fully controls the air volume, temperature and humidity through the automatic control system, reducing the interference factors in the operation process and reducing the waste of manpower and material resources. In order to ensure the high quality and efficient operation of the laboratory.

      Over the years, relying on its own professional ability, DAXPRO has vigorously deepened reforms, strengthened innovation, kept up with national policies and the pace of laboratory construction, better served customers, and strived to create a safe and comfortable modern laboratory. The backbone of the struggle. (The picture comes with the reprinted source manuscript.)


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