If You Want To Get Twice The Result With Half The Effort, You Must Choose A Good Laboratory Decoration Design Company. Three Key Points Are Indispensable!

      Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the development of the domestic laboratory industry is becoming more and more mature, the types of laboratories continue to increase, and the laboratory construction standard system for each sub-category is gradually established. A standardized laboratory is always inseparable from professional planning, design and decoration. Therefore, for the construction of the laboratory, it is particularly critical to choose a professional decoration design company. So, how to choose a professional and reliable laboratory decoration design company?


1. Judging the overall strength of the company from the details

      Strength is definitely important when choosing a laboratory decoration design company, and enterprise scale is one of the important criteria to measure the strength of a company. Generally, the larger the scale of the enterprise, the more detailed the division of labor and professional collaboration between employees, the higher the efficiency level, and the more helpful for the development of work after cooperation.

      In addition, regular companies will have business licenses and qualification certificates. The "annual inspection stamp" on the license can prove that the company has passed the annual inspection and is a legal operation. However, it should be noted that the certificates passed by some companies may be affiliated to other companies, or fraudulently used or forged certificates. This requires us to observe carefully.

2. Through past cases, intuitively understand the design level

      If you want to quickly have a clear understanding of the company's decoration design level, you can check the company's previous design cases, because the case is a company's business card. Through the case, we can intuitively see the professionalism of a laboratory decoration design company, the management level of the construction team, the level of craftsmanship, the decoration process and the decoration effect, and then judge whether it meets the expectations of the laboratory to be built.

      At the same time, by looking at past cases, you can also understand the way and level of the decoration company to build the space structure from different aspects. For example, different crafts, different construction methods, design styles, professional levels, and the company's previous work experience to see if it meets the type you want. Generally speaking, the stronger and more experienced a company is, the more cases it takes over, and the lower the possibility of subsequent problems.


Three, all-round operation and maintenance services, in order to have no worries

      The perfect operation and maintenance service has the guarantee of decoration quality. Since there may be some changes and changes in the decoration design process, if the company does not have good operation and maintenance services, it will not be able to maintain the packaging design in time. Directly lead to various losses of enterprises and institutions.

Many laboratory design and construction service providers pursue "short, flat and fast" without taking into account the later operation and maintenance of the laboratory, or do not have the experience and ability in this area, resulting in the need for later equipment operation and maintenance services and cannot find professional companies to provide operation and maintenance services . And professional laboratory design and construction service providers can provide timely and thoughtful, regular service and one-time professional services.

      After 15 years of continuous efforts, Daxpro has accumulated rich resources and industry experience, not only established a set of effective and perfect service mechanism, but also tempered a high-quality team full of ability and professionalism. The company covers laboratory decoration, furniture, HVAC, gas circuit, pure water, automatic control, fire protection, three waste treatment, animal room, constant temperature and humidity, cold storage, biological sample library, intelligent logistics, multi-function, instrument consumables, intelligent safety management 16 major system projects, 24+ service industries, 1500+ customers, business in 5 countries, and 2200+ laboratories established.


      Since its establishment, Daxpro's professional construction technology and perfect service system have won unanimous praise from customers. Over the years, the company has not only continuously improved its business level, but also continuously improved its technological innovation capabilities. It is a representative of Jiangsu Laboratory Decoration Design Company. In the context of the rapid development of science and technology, Daxpro is committed to providing a suitable laboratory for scientific research, contributing to brand power, and laying a solid foundation for the development of the industry.


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