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"Bai" Series High-Performance Fume Hoods

Product Features

  • The control panel of the fume hood provides visualized parameter setting mode, which is simple and convenient. And the display provides alarm display and data display function, which is convenient for maintenance and data monitoring when equipment failure occurs.
  • The humanized window follow function is convenient for laboratory personnel to open and close the window. And the human body detection function can delay the closing of the window when no one is operating, reducing the energy consumption of the fume hood. Face wind speed 2s quick response to ensure zero gas leakage in the fume hood. Door handle foreign object detection function allows the window to stop immediately when it detects a foreign object during the automatic downward movement, which can protect the safety of experimental personnel. (Automatic control system)

ASHRAE 110-2016, EN14175-3: 2019 Standard

"Song" Series High-Performance Fume Hoods

Product Features

  • The design surface wind speed of the fume hood is 0.3~0.7m/s, which has good laboratory pollution control and anti-interference ability and novel shape. The main body is made of cold-rolled steel plate not less than 1.2mm, and the surface is sprayed with SEFA-grade epoxy resin, which has outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • The two side columns, the horizontal column of the regulating door and the lower guide wing are made of industrial aluminum alloy profiles, and the arc design features excellent air flow conductivity. The side wall is designed with a narrow edge, with a width of 50 mm. The surface of the lower guide wing adopts Teflon spraying process, which has super corrosion resistance. The inner liner is designed based on the principle of fluid mechanics, which can make the air flow more smooth, reasonable and effective through the back wall.
  • The electrical system has leakage circuit breakers and four 10A three-hole dust-proof sockets.

ASHRAE 110-2016、EN14175-3:2019 Standard




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