Laboratory Consultation

Daxpro provides professional laboratory consulting services. Consulting precedes design, we provide a 13-step professional consulting management process, which builds an effective bridge between laboratory users and designers.


The overall planning and construction of the laboratory is an extremely complicated system engineering, and the requirements for technicians and designers are very demanding. Technicians need to be familiar with the experimental process, instruments and equipment, risk environment control and laboratory management, and designers need to be familiar with their respective professional knowledge, especially HVAC specialty, so as to fully implement the requirements of technicians to drawings, and designers need to be familiar with all kinds of cutting-edge intelligent control technology knowledge.


Importance Of Pre-Consultation And Planning Interpretation
Construction Stage Of Smart Laboratory Consultation Content Functional Action
Pre-construction Overall planning and construction consultation Pre-guarantee for the successful completion of the project
Mid-construction Overall planning and construction design Reasonable technological process and complete functional design
Decoration engineering construction Guarantee of function realization
Construction of security intelligent management and control system Laboratory safety management guarantee
Mechanical and electrical equipment installation and commissioning Guarantee of key function realization
Installation and commissioning of laboratory cabinets and other supporting equipment
Installation and commissioning of instruments and equipment
Post-construction Overall project acceptance Project conformity inspection
Laboratory operation and maintenance training The key to the smooth operation of laboratory
Laboratory maintenance service Guarantee of the smooth operation of laboratory



● NO.1 Evaluation And Analysis Of External Environment Of Laboratory

Relationship with environmental protection 

External resources of building 

Building barrier grade

Safety protection facilities

● No.2 Laboratory Internal Demand Assessment

Define the category of the laboratory

Determine the purpose of use

Define hazard level

Operating environment requirements

● No.3 Functional Requirements Of Scientific Research Buildings

Relationship between functional requirements and building structure

Mechanical and human engineering

Frequency of use and load analysis

Equipment and decoration


Adhering to the professional, authoritative and forward-looking service tenet, the consulting team of the Company is committed to providing professional, superior and effective consulting services to our customers. 
According to the actual situation and needs of customers, we will accurately customize the consulting plan, provide customers with one-on-one effective consultation, and make the following commitments: 

Ensure The Quality Of Consultation


100% one-time pass

Save time and cost for customers 

Independent Operating System


Ensure that the laboratory has the ability to operate

the management system independently

at the end of the consultancy 

Continuous Operation And Maintenance


After passing the review

we will provide off-site consultation continuously 

Ensure the stable and effective operation

of the laboratory system

Daxpro is creating a new situation of high-quality development, and strives to continuously improve customer satisfaction and reputation by virtue of high-pass consulting plans, refined management, strong strength, good reputation and never-ending innovative spirit.


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