Laboratory Design

Daxpro provides professional laboratory design services. We have a dedicated R&D team, a strong consulting team and technical support to provide you with outstanding services, meet the different needs of customers, and tailor-made applicable laboratory integrated design solutions for customers. The design team of Daxpro covers all specialties of the laboratory, including technology, decoration, HVAC, electromechanical, automatic control, process piping, BIM, video effects, etc., aiming at creating a professional, beautiful, comfortable and safe experimental environment for scientific researchers.


>> Professional Design Team <<

There are 80+ senior design elites
Specialization covers all areas of the laboratory: 
process graphic design and effect drawing
HVAC, electrical, water supply and drainage, 
decoration construction drawing, electromechanical, decoration, etc. 

>> International Perspective <<

Boast international design vision and concept

With the guidance of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals

Modular multifunctional planning idea

Supported by innovative experimental products

International Concepts+Innovations

Design company combines

>> Extensive Project Experience <<

Boast 15 years of independent design experience

Provided customized design solutions

To 1500+ customers in 20+ industries

And in various fields worldwide. 

>> Whole-Process Project Follow-Up Management <<

We unite with the owner unit

The main construction design institute, equipment suppliers

urban investment units, etc. co-manage the whole process

co-manage the whole project cycle

help the project progress to be orderly

and fully guarantee the construction period and quality

● Overall Planning And Design Of Laboratory

We provide intelligent laboratory integrated solutions for laboratory consultation, planning and design, construction and assembly. It includes: 

Laboratory Planning


Feasibility study of laboratory project
Formulation of laboratory project planning proposal
Conceptual planning of laboratory project
Master plan of laboratory project
Formulation of laboratory project task book
Evaluation of existing laboratory facilities
Laboratory safety planning

Laboratory Architectural Design


Laboratory scheme design
Preliminary design of laboratory
Laboratory construction drawing design
Laboratory interior design
Construction cooperation in laboratory project

Laboratory Process Design/Equipment Planning


Layout planning of laboratory equipment
Process layout of laboratory equipment
Detailed drawing of laboratory equipment installation
Summary of laboratory equipment data and data

Laboratory Professional Engineering Technology/Technical Consultation


Laboratory structure, air conditioning, water, electricity, HVAC engineering design
Engineering design of animal laboratory structure, air conditioning, water, electricity and HVAC
Engineering design of biological laboratory structure, air conditioning, water, electricity and HVAC
Laboratory environmental protection engineering design
Professional engineering consultation of laboratory waste gas and sewage
Training and consulting on laboratory design project management
Laboratory energy-saving design and consultation
Introduction, development and application of laboratory building technology


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